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I am an entreprenuer, who has always been keen on IT, but having no background of programming. I have several ideas which i would like to implement one at a time. These involve combination of Mobile / Tab applications and windows based application.

I want to start off with my own capital to begin with. The question is how to figure what are the skill sets required for executing my idea? or are there project manager whom i can hire to to build a team according the required skill sets?

Is there any resource like a book or website where I can read about the organization structure required for successful execution of an idea? Or how do i figure what skills sets are required for my ideas?

How to trust project managers with sharing ideas?

I need programmers who can create apps on android and windows.

Do i need design experts for frontend presentation of the apps?

The apps need to be online and accessible through the intranet as well as internet.

Is there any book which can guide me through management and execution of the technical aspect of the business?

Technical Team Project Organization

asked Jan 29 '11 at 15:37
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I would say that unless you have a very big pot of money, you need to do something yourself. I think that even with a big pot of money, you should take care of critical things yourself. You should for example make drafts of the design yourself. My poibt is that it is your idea and your vision and there are only so much you can communicate to others. By making the design yourself, it will be easier for others to understand your vision.

answered Jan 29 '11 at 20:21
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  • Hey David Many thanks for your insight. yes i have already designs the "templates" and a layman's flow chart of how the entire program would flow. – Kartik 13 years ago
  • Hey David Many thanks for your insight. yes i have already worked on designing the "templates" & flow chart of how the program would flow. What i need is some one or some source through which I can understand what kind of coding and designing skills would be required? I would be handling and closely following the entire development state to execution, testing and sales strategy etc.. Infact I am also learning Java programming, thats only to understand programming terminilogies and technologies better.. I need some source to understand the kind of team i will need to execute my first idea. – Kartik 13 years ago


You need a technical cofounder.

answered Jan 30 '11 at 08:38
Jeff O
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I just want to add that (as a technical person), what you're looking to develop is NOT a simple product. You want:

  • android app
  • iPhone app
  • iPad app
  • web/extranet app
  • web/intranet app
  • mobile (other) app
  • windows forms app

That's a ridiculous amount of coding, no matter how you slice it.

Focus your idea. Make it something that you can either build or have built quickly. You seem a bit all over the place and it will likely make anyone technical enough to really help you run away quickly (and those that smile and say yes to helping you will likely leave you disappointed and poorer).

answered Jan 30 '11 at 16:15
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  • Dear Sean, Yes what i am looking for is not simple by any means. TO begin with i need some people who can work on android, networking, and some one who can develop apps for windows OS which can is online. or internet based. forgive my layman language. yes i would need some one for Iphone/ipad but that would be the 2nd phase once the app is fully operational. the idea is more of an enterprise software not off the shelf market software. its targetted towards specific industries. – Kartik 13 years ago
  • @Kartik, in my experience building specific apps like what you're describing (niche, but large, industry, targeted specifically for that industry), the feedback is never related to some broad touch capability, but always some specific pain point. These guys (in my industry at least) couldn't care less about technology (they've been using pen and paper for 100 years), so all the techno-glitter in the world won't sell to them. – Sean 13 years ago
  • Dear Sean, The app that i plan to make adds a lot of value in terms of cost saving, better management, higher effeciency and better CRM. With the things getting more expensive such apps would become far more encouraging for people who resist the change. But yeah this is one of the challenges. Just for my understanding Can you name the industry and location you are referring to? – Kartik 13 years ago
  • Oil and Gas, US. I cut my teeth in cost analysis and true CRM (not this contact management CRM that's in vogue these days) 15 years ago with banks and it was a very, very hard sell -- but the results were quite impressive once the on the ground employees drank the koolaide. – Sean 13 years ago


You dont need a technical co founder, and you dont need a big pot of money. What you need to do is hire a highly technical person to help you plan the software.

This person can be someone with high level software architecture experience, a former CTO, a just your basic super nerd. You can pay them as a consultant to write you a spec, and then in the long run you can pay them to oversee your project as a project manager.

If you offshore your software, you will want to make sure you have your highly technical person help with interviews, and still oversee the work here for you in the uSA.

An important thing to do is pay attention, and learn as much from this person.

answered Jan 30 '11 at 10:47
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  • Ok, so he does NOT need alot of money, but to hire a highly qualified architect. Hey, where I live those go for 20k USD and more - per month. = Bit pot of money. – Net Tecture 13 years ago
  • Thanks Frank...CTO sounds like one good options...fortunately for me..i am based out of India. So hopefully it may not cost me a fortune here...But yes its become increasingly difficults to attract and retain talent here as well. specially for start ups as naturally we cannot provide the fancy ADDED infrastructure that the big companies do. – Kartik 13 years ago
  • An advantage you have being based in india is that you are already close to cheaper labor. If you can couple that with USA investment you may have a winner. An architect in the usa can cost 10+k per month, but in india you could do better. Try networking your idea with possible us partners/investors – Frank 13 years ago


To find a project manager you can trust, you could do the following. interview various candidates and run interview question with typical business question (google for them). Some such questions allow you to score a person according the his/her understanding of business. Then you pick the guy with the lowest score, who is in every other aspect competent. You can then, be a bit more sure that he/she will not run off with your idea.

answered Jan 31 '11 at 10:54
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  • Thanks david that would be a good way forward. It would be better to take the risk then sitting on the idea and doing nothing about it. Though a very important question that i still face is how do i figure what are the skills sets i require for my project. It would be best to complement what the CTO would be advising with some direct knowledge. – Kartik 13 years ago


You say that you are keen on IT systems, then you should well versed with how IT systems work. If you are not, study a bit around those systems that you are imagining. This will help you to devide the system you are envisioning into smalller modules. Then plan for hiring skills for each modules.

answered Feb 1 '11 at 06:24
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