Are software startups qualified for SBA loan?


Just wondering if a software startup can qualify for SBA loan or is it actually for brick and mortar mom/pop business?

If anyone has experience successfully getting a loan for Software startup then please share your success stories.

Startup Costs Loan SBA

asked Oct 5 '11 at 06:05
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SBA loans are typically for:

  • Exanding businesses that have been running for at least 2 years
  • Proven income is greater then debt/liabilities
  • Have sufficient collateral

Majority of the time you are correct these are usually for buying a building, constructing a new building, which could be for different types of businesses. However, SBA loan's are not designed to be startup money.

Probably need to go directly to the bank for that. You will need to show you have or had a good paying job. Have good credit scores. Have collateral etc.

Back when I started (Web Ascender ) web/software/mobile company in Michigan, 2005 I had a great job, excellent credit, money in the bank, and my bank wouldn't loan me anything!
I didn't shop around, I ended up having enough personally to get it rolling.

But, I think you can find local banks that are willing to loan. It's supposed to be better than it was - I always hear that banks are supposed to lend X more billion this year. So, call them, ask them. Probably better off with a community bank then one of the big boys.

answered Oct 5 '11 at 11:10
Ryan Doom
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