Isn't there a standard for categorizing products and services?


I am building a database of products (and services) and need to put similar items in the same category. That's got to be a common need, and I don't want to recreate the wheel.

For example, a Motorola Razr cell phone would be in a "cell phone" or "mobile phone" category. "Cell Phone" might be in a "communication device" category. Communication device might be in the category called "Consumer Electronics".

Google searches come up with stuff on UPC codes and SKU, yet this way of catogorizing must be used all over the place, such as with AdSense, which must group advertising by topic area.

So, where do I get the lists or standards for product and service categories?

C. Scott

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asked Mar 6 '11 at 08:57
C. Scott
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answered Mar 8 '11 at 10:01
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I don't think an absolute standard for categorizing products and services exists. But for reference, you can visit

answered Mar 6 '11 at 19:04
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  • Thanks for the suggestion. They have an extensive category listing. Because of your answer, I have contacted them to request licensing it (and am not too optimistic). Still hoping that there is something good out there in the public domain. – C. Scott 13 years ago


You can also consult international trademark classifications for goods and services: (scroll to the bottom and click on "Vienna Codes" -- you can then expand each and subclass by clicking on the + sign in the relevant category. These are international TM standards that get very specific!)

You can also use the standards here at WIPO (includes PDF printout of Vienna codes):

answered Mar 9 '11 at 03:41
Henry The Hengineer
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