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I've gotten a page up and running. It's some what appealing but not the best in the world. I am wondering how I can start spreading the word, fire, using Facebook.

I've gotten the site up, I've added a share button. Now what can I do to get other people on Facebook to visit the site and click share as well? I need to have at least a 1000 Facebook shares to show that enough people are interested. Should I use advertising?

My audience is Gen Y and Gen Z. What can I do to get their attention?

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asked Sep 20 '10 at 04:38
Bhargav Patel
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  • There are some typos on the front page, which could detract from the legitimacy of your site. For example, you have the word "stared" where I believe you mean "started". – Ewalk 14 years ago

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You can try first to create some content on the web site.

answered Sep 20 '10 at 05:36
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  • What do you mean? – Bhargav Patel 14 years ago
  • What problem you site solves? What benefit you users receive? In you web site (actually 1 web page only) I see a long copy of some proposition. Who want to spread this? There is nothing of value for users to spread. – Ross 14 years ago


Not seeing how it adds value to your prosepects, answer that to your customer and then try to start the fire.

answered Sep 20 '10 at 06:46
John Bogrand
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  • So you think I should have some of the future product? – Bhargav Patel 14 years ago
  • No "some", you have to have the whole product. You Idea is probably brilliant, but execution is missing. – Ross 14 years ago


So far, some really good answers. I can only offer you the idea which we're looking to use to get our site up and running:

  • Create a sample website (more than one page), which displays what your current offering looks like in your mind
  • Solicit users for feedback based on this living mockup. Have them offer features that they would like your site to do, or refinements on your implementation. The site functionality ultimately is designed for the users, so make sure they like it :)
  • Refine your site, factoring in user feedback, and start to implement "live" functionality into the site
  • Find the users who have given the most/best feedback, and get them onboard for when you launch the live page. Keep these customers.
answered Sep 22 '10 at 23:19
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  1. Get your website professionally designed/developed.
  2. Hire a professional copywriter.
  3. Start to run some PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads in the search engines. Google always gives out $100 coupons, so try it out, and see if you get any leads.
  4. Offer something to people for signing up early ... like a $5 account credit. 3.
answered Sep 22 '10 at 23:44
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Not sure if there's a way to "start fire", but certainly you can try to ignite. The golden rule -- contact the group that would most benefit from your offer.

I just launched an online tool and tried to announce it on Facebook and Twitter. The response was look-warm. Then I went to Yahoo groups and posted to the target groups and within hours I had more new accounts created in that segment then I usually get in a month.

There's no formula but one thing is for sure -- if you try noting, you'll get nothing.

Good luck.

answered Sep 23 '10 at 02:36
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OK, just noticed your link and visited the site. Couple points:

-- You site is about winning prizes, i.e. have fun, but the current design, although clean, is dull and corporate (gray/blue?..). First I thought it was about some secure storage solution or investor relations page... Take a look at giants like Coke and others that run contests all the time.

-- You've got couple of seconds to sell your site before your visitors back-click. If you want anyone to join in -- you can not expect them to read the copy to understand what is it all about. Grab their attention with something they'd recognize or can relate to. If this step is accomplished, give them another bit of info about your site.

answered Sep 23 '10 at 02:45
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