I have started an online forum for university students, how do I get users?


My website is rather unique in what it offers to users. Not only does it offer a forum specific for different subjects, but it includes Links boards and News boards for the subjects where users can upload relevant articles and helpful links relating to the subject.
As well, users receive their own customizable Academic calendar (that colour codes items based on type, so exams are red, midterms orange, etc...) and a ToDo list.
I have tried using my networks, being in my school's newspaper, making a Facebook page, and creating a Twitter account.

We have hit 111 users, but we'd clearly like to grow faster, as the larger community we have, the more contribution to boards we will have and then the community will fuel itself.

The website is www.eversity.ca if that helps for reference or if the site is useful to anyone, but feedback on my question would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

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asked Nov 6 '11 at 04:45
Noah O
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Since your website serves only students to collaborate online and share information on different subjects so you target audience is students, colleges, schools and universities. I think you better promote your portal using the following ways.

I hope putting these efforts will surely help you to attract your targeted audience(s).

answered Nov 6 '11 at 06:49
Usman Sarfraz
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I teach entrepreneurship at University, so I hear lots of ideas from people like you targeted at the same target market.

The best way you can promote your site is through the University where you are currently studying for a start. Try doing OFFLINE things and once you get momentum the online promotions will start to grow.

Here are some suggestions you could try:

  • Run a competition on campus that will give you lots of publicity
  • Try other publicity stunts like a free sausage sizzle or entertainment. (Free beer always works well to draw a crowd!)
  • Give out flyers
  • Write your website's name and a brief promotional slogan on every whiteboard you come across. You can also chalk the pavements around campus
  • Put stickers on the back of toilet doors
  • Think about whether there is any Uni departments or student groups whose goals are aligned with yours. Could they help you publicise it?
  • Talk to your teachers - they will know the Uni inside out and will be able to think of ways to help you.

(And I am assuming you have an function on the site to invite new users (even download your facebook friends, email etc.) If not, add one.)

Often new entrepreneurs have the impression that they just need to get something up on the web and the business will happen. In reality, you have only just begun. It takes A LOT of work but if you have a product people want, and you persevere, you can do it.

answered Nov 6 '11 at 16:50
Susan Jones
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