Starting an MBA essay application consulting firm?


I'm a college entrepreneur (currently pursuing my bachelors in Business) and I've been studying/reading books about the different strategies that successful business school candidates use to get into the country's top programs.

I can't code, and I haven't been able to network with many technical entrepreneurs because my area (upstate NY) is pretty dead as far as startups go. But this venture seems like it could be interesting and work with my present situation. It could be scalable since it appeals to a large market, I could eventually outsource the editing to other consultants once I get going and it wouldn't be too difficult to put up a website marketing the services.

Do you think this is a good venture to pursue? I'm on the fence because although I've read alot about what makes a successful MBA essay, I've never actually applied to a b-school. And my potential competitors are all well established.

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asked Jun 19 '11 at 14:48
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I think you have a good idea but I would be very concerned with your lack of experience in the matter. I am in the process of evaluating business schools for my own MBA and I can tell you that it would be wonderful to have help with the essays. HOWEVER, I would be hesitant to use your service as you have never had the experience yourself. B-school essays are a CRITICAL component of one's application and could kill chances of admission if not done properly.

But here are some other things I think would be worth considering:

  1. Are you only editing? If so, you will have steep competition as there are firms that will work with the prospective student to construct their essay and also to edit.
  2. The financial crisis has changed the number of people applying to B-School; those that do, are not the same type of students that were applying before (e.g. investment bankers, consultants). Are the strategies you have read relevant?
  3. For a venture like this, it may be more appropriate to start locally. Perhaps I misunderstood, but it seemed you wanted this to be a website? By starting locally, you allow yourself to learn more before branching out and exploring other "territories."

But I would highly recommend you gain more experience somehow with business school applications. When most students attend GMAT classes, they are reassured that their instructors did amazingly well on their own GMATs. Similarly, students would be reassured that their essays are in experienced and capable hands.

Hope this helps!

answered Jun 19 '11 at 22:33
Li Zhou
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  • You raise some very valid points. I would want to be able to practice what I preach, and not having gone to business school wouldn't look credible for a company who's making that their goal to help people with. Thank you for you input I really appreciate it. Good luck with your MBA. – Djs13 13 years ago


Really good idea,
Though it need some fundamental ups to make it in real world in addition to Li Zhou's views.
Like what sort of service or technique do you have that is really diff, unique and would be successful for your student. This could really make a difference as it could provide be a very big marketing platform for the consulting.
Also, it would not hurt if you tried making a facebook page providing consultations in minor scales to initiate the venture and test it's approachability in the market. If it works hire or partner some professional developer to develop and manage you platform.

answered Jul 4 '11 at 18:56
Abhishek Sakhaparia
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Starting a business just to get into top MBA??? What a strange idea... If you are an employee in heart; don't try to fake that you are an entrepreneur. It takes a lot more passion to succeed in the start-up then desire to get into top-10. Moreover, your own business is a way for you to make enough money, so you don't have to ever work for anyone... then u don't need that MBA... get your priorities straight.

answered Jun 19 '11 at 21:28
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  • Did you at all read my post? Or did you just read the title and comment? I'm not starting a business to get into an MBA. I'm thinking about starting a business that helps people get their MBA. Please don't respond to posts if you don't read them. It's virtually impossible to give a constructive answer. – Djs13 13 years ago

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