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To those who are currently running a similar business model or who has experience, can you advice what are the crucial parts In running this kind of business?

I've been freelancing as a web designer for almost 3 years, And now I plan to run my own business and stop being freelancer. Please advice what are the common pitfall and what should I know about.

In some of my projects, I sometimes outsource the work in Pakistan, India, or Russia via Odesk or through my connections. A common problem I often faced when I am outsourcing, programmers often are delayed in deadline, poor in quality (probably because of procrastination or is their really their habit).

The team I plan to setup is:

  • Project Manager - I think I need one so there's one overseeing the whole project and managing the team. I cannot fill this role as I am not good with people.
  • Designer (1-2 persons ) - When starting out, I think I can fill this role.
  • Programmer (1-2 persons )
  • Bookkeeper - I'm not sure If I really need one, but I just added this position because I am not good with money.
My target market are just SME or startups.

And which one would be an ideal approach, hire an existing team w/ project manager or hire them individually?

Thank You!

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asked Jun 29 '13 at 07:12
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My company does everything in house.

  • when a client calls we have people who can immediately fix or deal with their issue
  • if a project is struggling we can bring in more experienced proven resources at are company to correct and fix the issue
  • we can guarantee our product
  • our designers and developers can collaborate first hand with the client
  • we can have 100% transparency so the client can see and know why we made certain decisions
  • we retain the knowledge we learn from project to project ultimately continuing to improve every day

If you are outsourcing your projects to different groups and organizations the above are tricky. If you can't solve the above you will be constantly stressed and hate life. Consulting is hard work, you have to build strong relationships with people who will be there when things get rough. Not stop returning your emails because they are now focused on another project.

You must have one expert in all core competences on staff in my opinion.
You might be able to have them sub out portions but you need experts on your end in your company to provide all project direction and be responsible for the overall success.

Also, if you are not good with people, good with money and aren't willing to change that you may want to read the book E-myth. Just because you are a good web designer doesn't mean you would make a good business owner. You will need to be willing to be great at working with people and great with money. No employee will look after your finances, your money and the overall condition of your business for you. A partner might, but not an employee. You will need to deal with clients and your staff every day. And when a project goes bad you will need to step in and talk to the client and everyone involved and make it right.

Good luck.

answered Jun 29 '13 at 08:48
Ryan Doom
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