Startup Documentaries for IT industry


I am looking for more startup documentaries/movies. The ones I have seen:

On Startups

  1. E-Dreams
  2. Startup dot com and its follow up ABC News UpClose Kaleil Tuzman
  3. The Social Network
On PC industry
  1. Triumph of the Nerds
  2. Pirates of the silicon valley
On Video Game industry
  1. Video Game Invasion
  2. Video Game Revolution
TV series on pitching
  1. Dragons Den
  2. Tycoon
  3. Shark Tank
Ones I haven't seen and would be curious to hear a recommendation for or against:
  1. Hackers - Wizards of the Electronic
  2. The Dot-Com Boom &
  3. Download: The True Story
    of the Internet
Are there any other gems out there that people can recommend?

Social Network Internet

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  • Can you add revenge of the nerds to your list? – Frank 13 years ago
  • +1 Nice list. Thanks. Cannot add more, sorry. – Tucson 13 years ago

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Aardvark'd: Twelve weeks with Geeks (watch free online)

Four interns are brought into Fog Creek Software's Manhattan office and given 12 weeks to design, develop, debug and ship a computer program that will, among other things, help millions of frustrated users fix their relatives computers via the internet. Boondoggle Films presents a journey through the world of software development from the perspective of a unique software startup, four quirky interns, and the world of the geek.

Make Better Software: 6 DVD Training Series (not free, really expensive)

For ten years, Joel Spolsky has been teaching millions of programmers how to make better software. Now, you can look inside his company and see how it's done. Boondoggle Films presents a behind the scenes tour of Fog Creek Software's development process, from recruiting new team members to releasing new products.

Watching Joel's precepts in action will help you learn the key to successful software: it's about building a team of smart people who get things done, and then getting out of their way.

Code Rush (watch free online)

Independent filmmakers followed the Mozilla team from March 1998 to April 1999, as they worked to open Netscape Communicator's source code to the world, in a last-ditch effort to save the company. The result is an amazing snapshot of computer history, capturing the people that worked on it, the first internal beta test, the moment Jamie Zawinski uploaded the first builds publicly, the launch party, the all-hands meeting announcing the AOL acquisition, and so much more. It aired on PBS nationally in March 2000, the same month as the beginning of the dot-com collapse.

Disclaimer: I work for the company that produced the first two.
answered Jan 6 '11 at 10:44
Michael Pryor
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