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I've been searching the valuable info in the posts and most suggest to use a lawyer to get a license agreement, especially for the enterprise software we've developed. It's costed by the number of hosts, maintenance and the central management console.

As we're still bootstrapping, there are some online templates that can be purchased. As a start, we're planning to use one of these templates initially, then look to take it to a lawyer to tweak and check. Searching around, have found the following: Has anyone used the above or similar? What was your experience with it?

Many thanks in advance!


Software License Enterprise

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Simple: you'll get what you pay for. At the very beginning, you won't have many customers so the terms won't matter that much and most likely they won't be the deal-breaker with your early adopters. And, nothing is cast in stone anyway so you'll always be able to upgrade them later. The launch is just that; get through that phase cheap so that you can conserve as much cash as possible to get through the valley of death.

If you really feel like you need a lawyer, you could always find one who'll do the work and who'll bill you a few months later; everything is negotiable, this is business.

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  • Thank you frenchie, helpful info. We'll probably go with the vanilla template initially, and later on as you mentioned can upgrade the client's terms and conditions. – Bill 11 years ago
  • ok, I think it's a good decision too. Good luck with your launch. – Frenchie 11 years ago
  • Just one more thought; make sure that the vanilla agreement has some language regarding changing the terms after the initial agreement. Should have something like "the company reserves the right to change the terms and inform the end-user". – Frenchie 11 years ago

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