Is my startup good enough for funding?


I'm working on a web app and launching in the next few days, I finally came up with a name "jellyblub" and got the domain. My thing is that I'm a little embarrassed about seeking funding because it's nothing new really. It is like a craigslist but instead of cities people choose a college near them and meet there for the transaction. In the app users can message each other and follow favorite users and can then be added to their stream. Originally it was to just buy and sell textbooks from and to students but I added more categories. Is this good enough for a startup?

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asked May 7 '14 at 20:35

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It might be.

If your site is just going to target college students as it's niche, you have a far better chance at making it a success than creating a generic craigslist clone.

Some thoughts:

  • I would recommend tailoring the experience further for the student audience.
  • Instead of users "following" each other, think about an "offline eBay". Reviews for sellers so they build their reputation.
  • The biggest problem with craigslist is seller credibility. Tackle that to create a marketplace where people can buy from sellers with a positive history.
  • One possible way to get seller reputation going would be to require linking their Facebook accounts (similar to how AirBnB does it).

TL;DR Instead of a craigslist clone, think of creating a market place targeted to a specific audience (college students, in your case) with the emphasis being on seller reputation.

answered May 8 '14 at 13:49
Nishank Khanna
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  • Good stuff! Just books was the original idea, going back to that now. User ratings has been in the works, should have that done today. Thank you for this. I plan on applying to an incubator, too early? – Franklin De Los Santos 4 years ago
  • You're welcome. Regarding the incubator, it's never too early for anything. You can always apply again to the same incubators later if you don't get in the first time. – Nishank Khanna 4 years ago
  • Incubator or accelerator are probably better options for you at this stage than just looking for investors, especially if your expenses are low (seems to just be your time so far) and you don't really need funding to grow slowly. – Webbie 4 years ago
  • Focus on building and growing a community - seed the activity with the help of your friends to make it look active and to attract more users. – Webbie 4 years ago
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