Steps to take after designing an app prototype


We are going to start creating an iPhone app prototype with The app will be an add-on to our website which is currently in dev.

Once the app prototype is complete, what are the next steps/options we should be looking at?

Iphone Apps Business Process Prototype

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  • What are you goals? – Ross 13 years ago
  • Well, the goal is to post it on the iTunes store and obviously sell it. I'm not sure if the prototype from is ready for the store; i highly doubt it. I would assume i would need a developer at some point.. Also, I don't know if Keynotopia is the best to use or not, however their prototype can be viewed on an iPhone via their app. The prototype has "pdf links" to make the navigation functional. But again, I highly doubt this is enough for the iTunes store. – Sam 13 years ago

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Seek validation of your current approach. This could be done through user interviews, gaining respected investment or hitting some sort of objective metrics (X views of prototype maybe?).

Concept discussed in this video

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Customer Validation

  1. Gather some good contact points to your target audience - bloggers, forums, usergroups etc. Make sure you are targeting the right users
  2. Demonstrate your prototype and collect as much feedback as possible
  3. Analyze and distill the feedback you've got and adapt your product to emphasize the features your audience liked and cut the ones they didn't.

Then just repeat this process until you can confidently say that you are in touch with the needs of your target audience.

answered Jun 19 '11 at 21:55
Hampus Ahlgren
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There's only three reasonable steps after you complete your prototype:

  1. Show your new features for a small audience to test them until the features are polished enough or you choose to discard them;
  2. Publish them for all your public;
  3. Return to step 1 if you have more ideas.
answered Jun 2 '11 at 04:44
Brunno Silva
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