How can I take refundable deposits online?


I am looking to provide rental items online, however it is important that I can take a deposit that will be returned after the usage of the item. I am aware of capture delay although my understanding is this is only viable for 28 days on Credit Cards and 7 on Debit Cards. Is there a means of extending this or another solution I have overlooked.

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asked May 4 '12 at 02:02
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  • You must talk to your bank and/or your credit card operator. Sometimes some banks offer "customized" or more flexible solution for that mater. – User983248 8 years ago

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If you use paypal as your merchant account, refunds are free meaning you get a refund of the actual merchant charges you pay.

answered May 22 '12 at 05:35
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  • Just bear in mind that refunds are time limited (60 days I think). – Scott Wilson 8 years ago
  • Good point, wonder if anyone needs a rental beyond 60 days – Frank 8 years ago
  • Just confirmed the 60 day number. – Scott Wilson 8 years ago


So after doing some research it seems that the best option for this kind of thing is ACH payment firms such as braintree, who provide pre-authorization transactions, where money can be ring fenced for a certain period of time and then actioned if required or released. Some places call it catch and release type payments.

answered Jul 24 '12 at 00:52
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