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I would like to know how many users shop online in USA, UK, Australia etc and the rate of growth each year (%).

How and where can I find this data?

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asked Nov 28 '09 at 17:28
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"Infinite," and "bigger every year."

If you're planning a company or planning to raise money, the market size is so big that it's unnecessary to quantify. Focus on how you're going to address the market in the whirlwind of competitors, not what micro-percent of the massive market you need to "acquire."

answered Nov 29 '09 at 00:26
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  • thanks Jason... – 001 14 years ago
  • Agreed. These stats can sound good on paper, though I assume VC types would not be impressed with this thinking if that is the aim here. – Benjamin Wootton 14 years ago
  • Interesting thought is, do these numbers start to become more meaningful when they get smaller.... let's say 1% of the $1 billion DBMS market. Still not actionable at all, but a useful metric when choosing your market and, to an extent, how to execute in that market? – Benjamin Wootton 14 years ago
  • Are there VCs who need to you explain the size and growth potential of "online shopping?" I know everyone likes to put marketing size and "all we need is 1%" language in pitches, but in my experience you get dinged for that. I'd much rather be convinced you can find 1000 customers than argue about what negative power of ten fraction of what power of ten number you're aiming for. – Jason 14 years ago
  • +1 Couldn't have said it better – Thom Pete 14 years ago


This link from Coupon Sherpa may be of use to you. It addresses only USA though.

Quoting from that website -

  • More than half of Internet users -- totaling $875 million Americans -- make at least one online purchase per month.
  • Online shopping is forecast to reach $329 billion by 2010 -- increasing to 13 percent of all retail sales and encompassing almost half of all households.
answered Jan 13 '10 at 08:16

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