Any good books about Market Size Analysis?


Do any of you have any recomendations of books, blogs, websites, textbooks, etc. that detail the process of sizing a market/sector of the US Economy?

Online market size analysis' are available online but they are pretty expensive and I do not have a budget for them. I am looking at something along the lines of this: Market Size of HR industry in US, but I would really like to learn to perform analysis like that myself. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

If there is a resource available that is free where I can view a completed market size analysis that would also be valuable as I can replicate the process using that document.

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asked Feb 10 '10 at 11:33
Eric Amzalag
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One could write a whole treatise on this topic, but you're right, there's surprisingly little out there considering how many people do this stuff. Basically, it's an art, and all the official-looking reports out there are a lot more approximate than you might imagine.

Anyway, I wrote a blog post on it recently. Hope it's helpful.

answered Feb 28 '10 at 10:57
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You can generally get reports for free but you will find they are more dated (ie 04-05 reports).

are two good places to start. Both do publish some free resources.

answered Mar 12 '10 at 02:12
Alex Blom
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Sorry, i don't have any specific books or sources to suggest. My advice is more general - that regardless of your industry or business you should try to use multiple methods to estimate your market.

Each approach builds in a lot of bias, based on how the analysis is done, the types of data it requires, and the assumptions/estimates you have to make.

Try to estimate your overall market a few different ways (relying on different primary sources). It may turn out that there's a lot of uncertainty int he size itself, regardless of how precise any individual estimate can look.

Good luck!

answered Mar 12 '10 at 08:53
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