How should I use my domain name?


Other than the setting up email's and a public facing website, what else can I do with my domain name for my business?

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asked Jul 23 '13 at 08:19
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Creating a website is pretty broad.

Have you considered starting a forum / community to attract your potential clients and have them engage in conversation about your market and products. or

You can create customer support systems by using tools like and whitelabeling it with your domain. or

You can create customer satisfaction portals to communicate with and poll your customers directly about how they are using / interacting with your product. or

In general any type of software base service you can provide to your customers that you think will enhance your business you can attach to your domain for easy access by your clients.

answered Jul 23 '13 at 12:10
Ross Mann
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  • Great ideas, anything else other than those 2? – Henry 8 years ago
  • Whats your business attempting to do? – Ross Mann 8 years ago
  • Just a local business looking to establish an online present. Other than promoting my product and service, I'm not sure how I can make my customers more engaged with the domain I acquired. – Henry 8 years ago
  • How about running a promotion through your site. "Tell us what you think about our product at and we will give you 50% off your next purchase" or visit and answer the survey on and enter to win a free ipad mini something along those lines. – Ross Mann 8 years ago
  • question about customer support system, are they worth doing? Are customers today warmed up to the idea of case tracking? Or do they still prefer the good old email? – Henry 8 years ago
  • Well customer support systems send the good ol' emails as well. I think they have warmed up to it. If you look at the larger companies now they've all implemented some sort of ticketing system. Its good to have it in place before you really start to grow. Not having it could cause you to waste more effort in support then you need to , which could result in you not working on something that you should be working on. Perhaps we should continue this conversation via e-mail. E-mail me here and we can chat more. Mann 8 years ago
  • let us [continue this discussion in chat]( – Ross Mann 8 years ago


Depending on the suitability (length) of your domain a Short URL service can be quite catchy. You can use a site like to find alternative domain suggestions, aka domain hacks, that can be quite eye catching.

If your company was called Get Wise for example you could register which is the TLD for Sweden. You could then use YOURLS ( ) to create the same service that offers by shortening long URLs.

It's great for marketing your site as a 'customised' domain like that can look good if done right and you can always make the service public to other people which could drive traffic to your site.

answered Jul 24 '13 at 00:10
Scott Helme
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