Who uses FTP servers and how to reach them?


My last product, initially targeted at graphic designers, found a sweet spot with small business owners that struggled with FTP and who were looking for a drop-in replacement for their FTP server and file sharing needs.

  1. Are their more specific segments or verticals of FTP server users?
  2. How would you reach them?


asked Feb 11 '10 at 02:30
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I think the better question is:

Who shares large files with people? There's a group who deals with pain.

(one to one) Take a look at yousendit.com Sure, the title states FTP replacement, but I would bet that most people don't have an idea about what FTP is (my graphics designer didn't - but uses this service)

(one to many) - dropbox.com - easy file sync between geographically distributed people. easy to use mac and PC clients. freeimum.

Now - what would the benefit of using your product be over these services? What advanced feature set would these big file sharing types want that neither of the above support?

answered Feb 11 '10 at 02:49
Jim Galley
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  • I understand your re-focusing on large file sharing as the real problem and am very familiar with both services but that is not the question I am asking. I specifically want to know if there is a segment that still relies heavily on ftp servers and how to identify and reach them. – Ashmaurya 14 years ago


I would start with companies who sell FTP servers. Here's a list. Simple FTP servers are free, so if you're selling FTP servers you're serving a market of people who really care about FTP.

Next question: Who are they selling to? Answering that will take manual digging, but look at things like:

  • What verticals and situations do they list under "solutions?"
  • Do they say something in "about us" which gives a hint?
  • Look at their news feed and see if there's a vertical or other pattern.
  • Look at their testimonials and see what people say and where they work.
  • Can you find their advertisements elsewhere? Where do they advertise and what's the message?
  • Use a tool to list web pages which link to those companies -- what are those sites about and what is the message/context of that link?
answered Feb 11 '10 at 05:07
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Banks, insurance, travel industry.

I would say any business that handles very large databases and needs to transfer them.

answered Feb 11 '10 at 04:44
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Enterprise software support and customer-facing development teams need a tool like this -- every team I've worked with (at big companies as well as smaller companies) either uses an FTP server or a one-off solution for securely sharing files with customers. You might try to reach out to the Agile development community and users of web-based Helpdesk/CRM tools if your product integrates well with the needs of this user base.

answered Feb 11 '10 at 05:35
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Sounds like drop.io can work for ya.

answered Feb 11 '10 at 08:07
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Motion Graphics companies
Advertising Industry
Music Industry
Gaming Companies

answered Feb 11 '10 at 05:06
Thom Pete
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