Using ads inside startup pages to pay for expenses? And what advertisement solutions work best?


Has anyone added banner ads to there startups to monetize from the beginning?
Is this a good idea or better build a memberbase first without any ads that may turn people off?
I will be have a free plan and a payed plan.
Since im mostly improving product quality and not be adding "premium" features at this point I want to offer the ability to upgrade to remove the ads and some small + features, then increase the price each month as more premium features are beeing included, or existing features moved into the "pro" plan.

2 questions:

  1. Any thoughts ideas on this?
  2. What are good company's to work with to monetize your website ( google? others? )


asked Sep 29 '12 at 22:35
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The Revenue Model, is a very vital part of your product (unless, of course your product is a fun-oriented Instagram-kinda one). There are several popular models that you could pick from, such as Ads, Freemium etc. But how you pick is not a casual decision.

If you pick a model where customers pay for your product/service, Pricing comes into the picture. There is ample advice to be found on the Internet on the same.

If you resort to Ads, remember that it's something that's been over-utilized over time, and people have grown to hate them unless you do it right. You could also check out Retargeting.

Bottom-line: To arrive at an answer to your question, you should sit down and get deep into what your product is/does. Though you can take help, it's ultimately you who should decide. Afterall, you're the one who knows your product best. In the world.

answered Sep 30 '12 at 05:23
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  • thx, great answer, you are right on the pricing method. Planning to use freemium model and have already extensivly read about it. Was just curious on the viewpoints concerning advertisements as an addition. I know several sites that do it so its an accepted practice – Rubytastic 11 years ago

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