Using open source projects to get more clients?


We are a new development consulting shop and figuring out how to get new clients. There is a lot of blog posts and talk about contributing to open source and it attracts potential clients.

Has anyone had any success from contributing to open source projects? And signed new clients who contacted you because they learnt about your through those projects?

Consulting Open Source Sourcing Clients

asked Jun 1 '14 at 15:25
Bette Miller
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You will get a lot of value out of reading this post by Brian at DockYard (a consultancy in Boston): Lessons Learned: The First Two Years of Running a Software Consultancy

Open Source contributions doesn't seem to work for them for attracting new clients over the last two years.

My opinion is that OSS is more for attracting top talent (to recruit) than as a source for client leads. Here's what Pete Forde (of Unspace) said:

OSS is not for attracting customers, it's for recruiting top talent. Most clients don't actually care what tools you use, so long as they feel heard and you don't embarrass them or cost them their job for selecting you. Haml was created in the context of a project that likely had no concept or understanding of the significance of this detail, for example.
answered Jun 2 '14 at 21:10
Patricia Wright
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Consulting Open Source Sourcing Clients