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I have seen a lot of information on the internet about low-cost wifi tablets from India. I have spoken to a reputable tech company in the states about ordering them and they quoted a price of $37 ea when bought in bulk. They did not mention who the company was they were purchasing from. For my business I am looking for a small, 4"x4" wifi tablet that needs to be able to log in to an admin website and perform a very simple function. Any ideas as how to get a product like this?


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asked Oct 20 '11 at 11:48
Eric Littleton
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First thing the name of Tablet is Aakash.
It's suppose to be an Android 2.2 tablet with 7" screen.
(for more spec please visit : http://www.ubislate.com/specifications.html )

Manufacturer of this tablet is Datawind (web site: http://datawind.com/ )

It will cost 35$ - 40$ (only for Indian students, as far as the web site and other news sources mentions)
and around 60$ - 70$ for normal purchases.

BDW before placing a bulk order (for which direct dell with manufacturer is best), you should first order a peace and test it's performance for your self, as it's relatively recent release won't provide sound user reviews.


answered Oct 20 '11 at 16:57
Abhishek Sakhaparia
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I think the AAakash tablet is what you are referring to. Runs Android, should support basic mobile browsing for your clients just fine. Looks like the price would be between $35 - $60. But, this page has a link to the manufacturer etc.

answered Oct 20 '11 at 14:57
Ryan Doom
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  • The Aakash can be purchased in the states, I posted on E-lance to find an intermediary and the cost for one is $60USD (plus shipping and 3rd party fee). I just learned that what I am referring to is a built to spec tablet manufactured in China. (I don't know the manufacturer though) Wanted to see if anyone had any similar experiences – Eric Littleton 12 years ago
  • I guess I would be more confident going with something like the AAakash which has a large production run. Seems like having your own tablet created wouldn't get the testing and QA you would want. I imagine your real product isn't the tablet. That is just a way for your customer to use it. So something reliable would probably be most important? – Ryan Doom 12 years ago
  • You are correct in your assessment, the tablet is a way for the clients to interact with our product. The Aakash actually has more power built in that what is required. We want the tablet to be as bare-bones as possible, and even smaller than the 7" display. – Eric Littleton 12 years ago

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