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Web based software issue submission and management?

I am looking for a way to let my customers enter any issues they have, and be able to check the status of the issue. Sort of like what you see in the Google code issue tracker. I want to be able...

asked Nov 21 '11 at 08:19
Kim Jong Woo
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Would like some feedback on JIRA, Intervals, Unfundle, and other bug/issue tracking packaged

I would like to get your opinion on bug/issue tracking packages. In my last software dev company we used JIRA with one of the flavors of Subversion. That was in 2007, so a lot has changed since...

asked Jan 13 '10 at 06:07
Apollo Sinkevicius
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Low-cost issue tracker, maybe with CRM?

I and my team members have a handful of outstanding issues we would like to track, ranging from technical to business-oriented. We are looking for a free/low-cost issue tracker, perhaps with...

asked Oct 19 '09 at 08:51
Joseph Turian
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