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I built a small and cool java-base desktop application.

I want to release it for free, and put an advertisement for getting profits out of it -
Like EverNote doing on their Mac OS X App.

I don't want to sell the advertisements by myself(too much work, and I have no idea how to do it), but to use service like Google AdSense.

My idea is to put a small browser component (like org.eclipse.swt.browser or the Web-Browser component from The DJ Project) at the bottom of the window and load a HTML page that include just the advertisements ads.

Well, to do this, i rent a host (at Dreamhost if it matter...) create a simple blank HTML page on it, and try to sing up for Google Adsense.

As you can guess Google didn't approve the my request(for singing up), because the page is too empty...

So, now i need a recommendation for a good ads service that allow my to put the advertisements on my application.

Any suggestions?

Adwords Advertising

asked Apr 13 '11 at 03:46
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  • Can't you put something on a page like a help file or faq's to meet Google's demands? – Jeff O 13 years ago
  • Sure I can, but I'm afraid that when i remove the fake content google notice my scam and refuse to cooperate with my on "regular" web site... I'm a bit paranoid - I know :) – Arnon 13 years ago

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Get in touch with companies that do web advertisement and deal directly with them.
You may even specify what's your application about so that they can filter the ads to fit the possible user profile.

answered Apr 13 '11 at 03:59
Fernando Martins
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  • but this is the reason for my question... I need recommendations for companies that do web advertisement.... – Arnon 13 years ago
  • Sorry, I had not understood that. I though you were on a dead end after trying Google Services and you didn't know what to do... You can setup a real site, and get adds to it and then create that blank/wrapper page. Why not use you application website to do it? – Fernando Martins 13 years ago
  • i this OK with google ToS? – Arnon 13 years ago
  • I think so. I don't see any difference between you displaying the ads on a desktop browser, a mobile browser or a browser inside an application... – Fernando Martins 13 years ago


It's against the google adsense ToS to display ads in anything that's NOT a webpage, like to load the ads in a desktop or mobile application. The caveat is only if they're loading in a browser window that can navigate to other websites too.

So you can put together a real website to load the ads on, but make sure that you're loading the ads an operational browser and not just displaying the banner ad.

Sponsors are another option, or you can look into disabling some features unless you buy a premium version of your program. I decided to go the premium version route in my desktop application (C#), and I even built another program that does different things that I'm offering to free, as the audiences are similar for the programs, and it has my own advertisement for my paid program.

answered Apr 13 '11 at 04:18
Kort Pleco
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  • Do you wanna tell my that if i program the Web-Browser component to open the link of the ads on a new browse window it OK with google ToS, even though my HTML page is empty? – Arnon 13 years ago
  • It has to be usable as a web browser, so you can enter a URL or click a link and navigate there. Obviously this is the case as people will be clicking your ads. I think javascript would have to be enabled too. It would be a bad idea to put the ads on an empty page, but you could just style it where that's the only thing visible on the page, and then you have a button that displays the full page (maybe an about page) inside your program. It's skirting the rules a bit, and adsense is very touchy about violations of ToS so I would be as legit as possible about it. – Kort Pleco 13 years ago
  • it's seem Google adsense is not the right choice for me... Any recommendation for other ads services?? – Arnon 13 years ago
  • I've actually looked into this for several hours before, and even spent another few minutes just now, but as far as I can tell there's nothing available for the indy application developer who wants to embed ads into his software. That's why I suggested going other routes, with freemium or advertising your own other program that's paid. – Kort Pleco 13 years ago

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