does anybody know of a non-us country with low cost of incorporation


so from what I've seen the US offers quite low incorporation cost (it appears that you can form an LLC just by a few hundred dollars)

my question is, is there any other country that satisfy these features:

  1. low incorporation cost (just like the US - cost should not exceed 1000$ and preferably below $500 just like the US)
  2. low tax rate (below 25% is nice) - moreover income that does not come from that country does not get taxed - tax havens would be nice
  3. can incorporate an LLC like entity whereby the corporation is not taxed and the corporation's income is directly passed to the owner (hence the owner is the one that gets taxed) and moreover the owner can still retain limited liability features of the corporation (even if it's a single owner)
  4. and obviously, a foreigner should be able to incorporate without discrimination and own 100% of the company

LLC Incorporation Company Tax

asked Dec 31 '11 at 20:32
Kamikaze Pilot
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2 Answers


You can do this in Australia.

  1. You can set up a company for a similar cost. This being said, if you are doing this from outside Australia, you may find it costs more because you may need to engage someone to act on your behalf and advise you. I think this would apply for any country you were not a resident of and so I would allocate a bigger budget just in case.
  2. Tax rate is 30% for companies, however if you form a discretionary trust (where the income is passed to you rather than being taxed in the entity), then you are taxed at your personal rate and the the tax rate may be lower or higher than this.
  3. One way to do that in Australia is a discretionary trust, however, there are more benefits to operating through a company structure.
  4. We allow foreign owned companies here.

In addition, Australia has an established legal system and a tax arrangement with the US so you don't get taxed twice on your earnings.

answered Jan 2 '12 at 00:50
Susan Jones
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  • You can do this online with a number of providers such as [Clearcocs]( for around $600 (Cleardocs is $563). Annual renewal (paid directly to ASIC) is $226.50. These online services are integrated with ASIC via their API and in most cases the registration is instant. If the company name isn't composed entirely of English words (e.g. two english words tacked together without a space between them), there may be a delay while it is approved. – Steve Taylor 12 years ago


In the UK incorporation of a Ltd company (Limited by shares, not publically tradable) costs a few hundred pounds and corporation tax rates are 21% for profits up to and including £1.5m and 25% above that. Hope this helps,

answered Jan 2 '12 at 06:51

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