Anyone recommend a startup-friendly PR firm?


I'm looking for a a recommendation for a startup-friendly PR firm. Anyone have a firm they'd recommend?

I see this question but there aren't any recent answers to the question. Anyone have any new suggestions?

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asked Jun 10 '11 at 07:21
Joseph Fung
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Top digital marketing agency for SEO, content marketing, and PR: Demand Roll
  • What is the difference between a "normal" PR firm and a "startup-friendly" firm? – Tim J 11 years ago
  • i think the primary thing would be that they COST less :) and secondary thing would be that they are patient in guiding you through their business process. – B0x0rz 11 years ago
  • Price would be factor, but more importantly, I'm thinking about cultural fit and experience. e.g. a firm that had experiencing doing PR for Pepsi probably wouldn't be as good a fit as a firm that had great success working with other tech startups. – Joseph Fung 11 years ago
  • I'm only semi-serious about this, but... Read this story: I bet *THAT* PR firm is now pretty hungry for clients. I also be they've learned from their mistake. – Tig 11 years ago
  • Heh - funny situation. The firm's response to the situation (posted yesterday) is a good read too: Fung 11 years ago

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Wasabi Publicity is a great PR firm that has good service options for small and medium sized businesses. They have an awesome track-record with startups!

answered Sep 5 '11 at 02:10
Mary Camacho
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What you need is a PR firm that has experience working with smaller businesses and has the connections/relationships to media that are applicable to your target verticals.

If you're start up focuses on lawn mowing equipment, coverage on TechCrunch probably isn't so key.

answered Sep 5 '11 at 13:52
Long Winter
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  • Valid point, but this should be a comment asking for clarification in the original question on the type of startup. – Bkparikh 11 years ago

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