Would anyone be willing to advertise audio books?


I am panning to release an audio book listening application to one of the new mobile platforms. It has a special features that makes the experience of listening books very pleasant and effective.

I am facing the marketing question: whether to make an app ad-supported or just sell it as a paid download.

If I go for an ad-supported approach, I would be willing to configure the ad network provider to just feed the users an the advertisements about available audio books to purchase.

Do you know if there are services that are selling audio books online and would be willing to advertise?

What do you think about making an app ad-supported or setting a one-time download fee?

Books Monetization Audio Mobile Apps

asked Nov 23 '11 at 22:57
Maxim V. Pavlov
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As a starting point, take a look at companies that currently sponsor podcasts (such as Audible ). Audiences that listen to podcasts overlap with those who listen to audiobooks. These companies might be more receptive to partnering with you or purchasing ad space.

Resource: Apple - iTunes Store Top 10 Podcasts by country Related: Search OnStartups.com for selling ad space.

answered Jan 24 '12 at 08:57
Sean Moubry
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