How do I ask help and search people for contribution for my git/open source project


I am basically involved in wordpress site development but a self starter for rails. I want to transform my idea into a rail app and I am contributing it on git(at a very initial level this time), but the thing is due to money concerns I cant quit my job to very actively participate in for develoment and cant create a startup for transforming my idea so internet is the only source left to me.

Now my question is where do I find people that are willing to contribute or HELP to my git project or helping me with ideas/suggestions for my project(Apart from stackoverflow as these days basic/elementary questions mainly down voted but that is separate issue and leaving this time). My friends are mostly working in another technologies and I am living in a remote area and searched for groups/communities in my locals as well but unable to find any.

In one of my previous posts on stack site someone suggested me meetup site but its a paid service and found no group in my locals.

I am ready to contribute for other git projects based on Rails for my learning purpose but I am unable to locate any on internet.

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asked Feb 24 '13 at 21:24
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  • It's commendable to make your code open source and public on github. If it's attractive, people will discover it, and it'll go viral based on its merit. Good projects do get noticed. Why do you need to quit your job, and solicit money? – Global Nomad 11 years ago
  • @Globalnomad I mentioned quitting my job because I am not able to invest much time for my project..and I dont know how to publicize and promote my github project..please clarify it little more :) – Swapnesh 11 years ago
  • Open source projects work best through the participation of many volunteers. You need not feel like you should shoulder the majority of the programming by quitting your job (and necessitating solicitation of funds). If you still want to pursue that, suggest you google kickstarter and the like. – Global Nomad 11 years ago
  • @Globalnomad to be more precise actually my idea is to build an app for music sharing(something like soundcloud but music enhancement, quality imprvements etc features to be added with little more things to spice it up) on Rails..but I am not a code ninja but yet I can add ...and I need people with same spirit {I know its better to show some stuff so that people can join you} but things are still in primary stage so thought to ask for suggestions for how do I find volunteers for my project – Swapnesh 11 years ago
  • @Globalnomad In the meantime I checked google kichstarter is currently available to US & my search is still on :) – Swapnesh 11 years ago

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I'll quote myself here:

“Release, release, release. Until you release, everything else is just talk. Before there’s real code to share, no one cares what you’re doing and almost no one will help.”

Source: I would also suggest reading Karl Fogel's "Producing Open Source Software" to learn about starting, running, and maintaining a project. It has changed my career and mindset.

There are hundreds - if not thousands - of Rails (or better, Ruby) projects on Github. If you haven't found any, look harder.

answered Feb 25 '13 at 06:33
Casey Software
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  • yes you are very right..I will surely read the book mentioned "Producing Open Source Software" and something unclear I will revert to you :) thanks forthe link +1 :) – Swapnesh 11 years ago
  • Fully agree with this. @swapnesh: A widely spread saying among os people is: "release early, often" – Christian 11 years ago
  • @Christian thx bro and I already uploaded the basic on git today and started working on it :) – Swapnesh 11 years ago
  • @Christian what I was looking some help and guidance as it helps me to reduce time – Swapnesh 11 years ago

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