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When sending commercial emails to people you do not know, is there any difference between targeting b2b or b2c. For example, assume I send an email to a contact info of another company (for example, [email protected]) would the same spam law apply as with sending the email to just of a random user?

Edit: The spam law I am referring to are of the US.

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Marketing B2B Email Spam Email Marketing

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There's only 1 law in the USA controlling unsolicited e-mail messages: CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. It doesn't differentiate between recipients: as long as a marketing messaging is unsolicited (i.e. there hasn't been a business relationship between the entities) it's in violation of the law. In addition, all marketing messages sent with a preexisting business relationship should comply with the law's technical requirements (message headers, relays, unsubscribe options, etc).

You may not get into legal hot water with unsolicited email ads but you're risking creating a bad name for your company in the industry. It's more effective to develop relationships with potential customers on the basis of feedback of your product than "spray & pray". Cold calls asking for help aren't rejected as badly as cold calls with sales pitches.

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