Benefits and drawbacks of adding your personal info to your company's website


I have a software company that sells software online only, and on my website it has an "About Us" section, describing the company's location and history. Is there a good reason- either pro or con- why I should or should not put my name and picture on the website? I am a pretty private person and am always concerned about a competitor or the like tracking me down (although the company's mailing address is on the website).


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asked Feb 28 '11 at 09:47
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The idea of the "About Us" is to demonstrate that you are a serious company that's here to bring value to your customers and that you have the experience to do so. If you say in your About Us: "We are beginners, no experience, we have launched a couple of weeks ago on a idea and I trying to make some money" of course you could put you picture up there I don't believe it's going to help.

Now, if you put your background experience, showing how relevant it is to your business, no specifics about when you started unless you have actually spend several years on it, showing what VC or investors (with relevant experience), etc.. you get the idea. Then your name and picture is just to bring a little more human touch to your description. People like to see you they are dealing with.

If you are private, put your first name and first letter of last name or something like that. It should be enough. But remember, the About Us is a marketing tool, not just for show.


answered Feb 28 '11 at 14:36
Antony P.
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