what is the best way to to reach web design agencies, studios and freelancers?


We are a small studio providing various website production services. We mainly provide services to web design firms and individuals. Currently i have been using email marketing, adnetworks like Google, buysellads.com to spread the word. Fortunately whatever clients we have acquired have stick with us, mainly due to our quality. But we need to acquire far more client, to be successful. I am searching for more direct ways to find the such companies and individuals and collaborate with them to provide website production services. Can someone suggest, what options are possible to reach more such companies and individuals?

Outsourcing Website Web Services

asked Jun 30 '11 at 01:12
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  1. Online business directories.
  2. Participating in group discussions and forums of your target market segment.
  3. starting discussions on top forums (Skype, yahoo...)
  4. Posting blogs and submitting articles to top blog sites of your target business area.
  5. submitting profiles to crunchbase, venturebeat, manta and such...
  6. Giving out few exclusive freebies where its worth.

All of these steps above will get you huge traffic on to your site and

  1. Add live-chat + VoIP-phone to your website to convert your visitors to customers.
answered Jun 30 '11 at 20:37
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You can find lots of freelancers and web design companies on elance.com and similar websites.

answered Aug 30 '11 at 01:19
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As a resident designer at on this site, three ideas for you:

  1. Online directories such as sortfolio.com You'll find a ton of quality designers here.
  2. Look at CSS gallery sites that designers use for inspirtation, primarily: awwwards.com. This is the main one but there are many, many more. Do a quick search for CSS and Web design galleries and you'll find a treasure trove of design shops.
  3. Also try authenticjobs. This is where the best agencies look for the best Web design and coding talent. If you want quality leads, you will find them here.

This should turn up more leads than you can possibly contact.

Good designers are always looking for good programmers to team up with. Just contact each one, one-by-one letting them know how good you are. It would also help if your own site is well designed if you are trying to go after quality designers. You are marketing yourself after all and designers want to work with programmers that are really sensitive to design down to the last pixel and shade of gray.

Send me an email with your development portfolio. Good luck!

answered Aug 30 '11 at 02:23
Miguel Buckenmeyer
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