Build a career or do a start up?

I have been working for the past 2 years on my start up product as it stands:

1) I have the mobile application built and ready for launch
2) The backend is all done
3) We have conducted beta testing with 106 users and have found that 60% liked the product with that figure potentially rising once performance issues are resolved.
4) I have a strong technical co-founder who has 23% equity, that has invested 5+k into the project. I have invested 9k into the venture. In total we have both invested 15k into the venture and kept things lean. 5) We have 100% control of the company. No investors. 6) The product's MVP is unique.

The problem:
1) I am very low on savings. Down to my last £500
2) My work experience to date is not strong enough. I was recently pressured into resigning from a start up where I was the first employee after 5 years leaving me in a bit of a mess due to a lack of a good reference. In addition I trained as a developer, whereas I have now found out my real strength is as a product manager despite being able.

I need to retrain.

3) I am 29 approaching 30 this year. I am worried that if I do not build my career. I will face unemployment from a lack of experience if my start up venture fails.
4) My co founder does not want to get seed investment and would prefer to bootstrap the venture. He is in a much more confortable situation, established career and is allowed by his employers to work on the start up.
5) Very hard to get contracting jobs, my technical skills are not strong enough. So I am about to sign onto welfare to survive.

I am feeling very depressed because I do want to see how my product does. However at the same time I am not sure if I should ditch it, get a job and build a career? What do you think? Thanks

Career Failure Startups

asked Oct 3 '15 at 00:35
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