build a product but no engineer experience?


I have an idea how I want my new product to look and really good market gap. I can do a quick design in Google Sketchup and I will send my design to someone who can make it in a professional form in 3D with rendering (just a front visual look, not inside the box) and maybe some videos demonstrate it.

I have no experience in an engineering metal stuff and electric board. So what I am suppose to do?

I want to send my 3D Design to a manufacturer in China to build a product. I am guessing they can have a look at the 3D Design and they will try to finalize electrical and metal/plastic work? or what is better approach?

Products Outsourcing China Prototype

asked Jun 7 '13 at 21:20
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You can do everything that you like even though you do not have any experinces backgroud. However before you send your product to whome it may concern, first of all, you should do some researchs by yourself.

"No one wants to work or design for you if they ask you some problems and you do ot know anything or you just know that how it should be looked like" In other words, the understanding of what you want to do will help you figure it out how to make a good product.

Your research shold be involved in following domains

  1. What technologies will be used?
  2. Which materials you want to use in order to create your product?
  3. Etc.

What i have talked so far are about the technical part. Actually, you have to think also the business part and the project management.

  1. How much does it costs to produce?
  2. How long does it takes to produce?
  3. Etc.

Hope that helps.
answered Jun 7 '13 at 22:43
L Varayut
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