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I love the concept of however pricing is ridiculously expensive for a small-medium startups.

Is there any cheap alternative for Performable?

I'm actually interested in customer Customer Profiles feature where they cna track down a customer from interested to order process. Or can we implement a similar feature by using Google Analytics in our website?

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asked Dec 8 '10 at 06:00
The Dictator
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Thanks for the post. I'm the CEO of Performable. I'd be happy to have you using our product, ping me and I'll hook you up with a "startup" friendly version of our platform.


answered Dec 8 '10 at 06:55
David Cancel
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  • Welcome to the forum. If you can share more details about your startup plan it would be great. You seem like you have a winning product, but it is a bit expensive for startups. Would be nice to see if you can have a plan that limits 1 user, and number of hits, just to give startups a period to ramp up. – Frank 13 years ago
  • Hi David, thanks a lot for the offer. That'd be great. I dropped you an email already. To [email protected] Thanks, – The Dictator 13 years ago


Performable has a great platform. With GA you wont be able to collect customer level specifics due to their privacy policy. They still allow for funelling.

As alternatives you can look at:

  • - Expensive but neat heat maps of how your users interact with each page
  • - realtime analytics, plus chat which is a nice feature
  • - My Personal Favorite

  • - Open Source self hosted

On our sites we run a combination of both GA and
We also integrate our own custom server side code which uses cookies and a database to track specific actions by each of our visitors.

You have to find a combination what works best for you, but having GA on your site never hurts.

answered Dec 8 '10 at 06:31
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  • GetClicky looks really nice, funnel doesn't look as advanced as others but generally really nice and affordable. – The Dictator 13 years ago
  • Creating a funnell is very easy if you know any server side programming language. You simply track the series of pages for each visitor, and how long on each. – Frank 13 years ago

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