Is there a company that you can turn over your web site and let it run the biz for you and split the profit?


We spent quite a bit of money and time building a great IT career Site.
In the meantime, another opportunity that's more lucrative with less competition came up.
So we are looking to have the Career Site turned over to a company that's willing to White Labeleled as their and run it. We would make a Business Arrangement about how to split the profit (if any). They would be in charge of all the marketing and everything else that goes into running the Site. I doubt if there is such a company or group but one never know.

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asked Jan 11 '11 at 08:47
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  • have you tried just selling it? What about 'donating' it to some sort of charity/student group that could use it as a project or something. – Cbrulak 13 years ago
  • Hi Neo Tycoon, hey you can reach me at [email protected]. Once we get in touch, i will pass on my professional email address. In the meantime you can reach me at the email above. I look forward to hearing from you. – Donald 13 years ago
  • If you are not interested or have other opportunities just dump it. You did the easy part - the rest is the hard part. – Tim J 13 years ago
  • By the way, your accept rate is zero; try going back to some of your previous questions and hitting the accept button (the checkmark) on your favorite answer for each one. – Jo Liss 13 years ago

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NO NO NO!!! Donald, rather that give away your company for 50% of future earnings, consider strongly in using up to 50% of your career site's profits to put in place a manager or a team to do these efforts for you. Selling your product would not be wise unless if you absolutely need to CASH OUT or need the money for your next venture.

If you do not, then consider doing it as a staff position. Finding the right talent may take time, but could eventually put your product on cruise control. Trust me, there are a lot of talented folks out there who are not only driven by money, but also accomplishment. See who you can find as a hire first before selling or sourcing a partnership with a marketing firm.

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  • Frank, I really appreciate the advice. It turns out that what you just stated is another paralelle route we are exploring. You seem full of good advice for people her, I would love to get in touch with you. I can be reach at [email protected]. Once in contact I will communicate a more professional email address. – Donald 13 years ago
  • @donald, thanks, sent you an email – Frank 13 years ago
  • Frank, so what would you do if the current profit is much less that revenue of the current venture? – Cbrulak 13 years ago
  • @cbrulak, I am not sure I understand your question. But if your revenue is low, then chances are you will have a very hard time selling the venture. It might even be harder to sell a company that has been running for months or even years with little revenue. It might turn investors on to the reality of how hard it is to make a specific product profitable. If the business is profitable, it usually makes more sense to manage it for a cost then to sell off equity for someone else to manage it. That middle man that buys the 50% equity for effort will likely hire people to run it, and skim – Frank 13 years ago


Sounds like you don't want it anymore, so your best option would be to sell it. There are a few websites that list other websites for sale and people bid on them.

Flippa is one of them

answered Jan 11 '11 at 09:34
Smart Company Software
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As SmartCompanySoftware pointed out, what you're talking about is basically an acquisition -- I'm not sure if private buyers are common (though this project got sold this way), so most likely you'd be selling to a bigger company.

The splitting thing is rather uncommon though, I believe. Most of the time, it seems to be more reasonable to sell the whole company or nothing at all. Probably because there's some kind of information asymmetry at work.

answered Jan 13 '11 at 06:15
Jo Liss
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