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We are a small marketing consulting company. Usually we are invited to solve some kind of problem or task. But we face a large problem. Our offer needs to have an idea of how to solve a particular problem. Of course we do not write everything, but the main point is supposed to be supplied. The idea is usually the reason for hiring us.
It happens and quite often, that our project is not accepted but after we just realize that that our ideas and solutions has been stolen.

I know that NDA should be the solution. But it is not easy to prove that they did not developed the same idea just a couple of days ago the presentation.

Have you any idea how to protect against this?

Thank you

Ideas Consulting Consultants NDA

asked Jul 10 '12 at 03:55
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  • Next time, just don't give the idea until AFTER you get paid first. And if you need references, just point to the suggestions you previously provided and show the value of your advice that way. – Frenchie 10 years ago

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Do your best to keep the problem, and solution abstract. All you really want to do is indicate that you have a deep understanding of the problem, which would make you (if you get the project) the best firm to solve the problem.

Also Google "Working on Spec" and why it doesn't work for people.

answered Jul 11 '12 at 21:27
Steve French
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No Spec Work If they need to have their problem solved they should pay you in advance for your expertise and brain-time.

Otherwise they will nick you idea or agree to pay you something but you will have to chaise them to get paid.

answered Jul 19 '12 at 13:08

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