What is the definition of capital account?


It seems that it's a virtual term. It is not a bank account. It is the net result of gains-losses. And it seems that there are two types of such accounts – the llc's, and members'. The account should be recorded, but the record is not "the account", it is a record thereof.

Is this correct?

EDIT: (Since I got two answers referring me to Wikipedia.)
I've seen the Wikipedia entry before posting my question. It tells us that this is included in something else and also the number of these. It does not tell us if this is a bank account or a file (whether paper or computer) or just a number.

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Here is the definition of Capital Account From Wikipedia. It is virtual, and there is one for each partner.

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Capital account is an accounting/bookkeeping term. It is used to represent an owner's equity in the business. It is not a bank account.

With respect to an LLC, you will set up a capital account on your LLC's books for each member.

A member's capital account represents the current value of that member's percentage of ownership interest. It is the total of a member's contributions to the LLC, adjusted by his share of profits or losses in the LLC.

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In financial accounting, the capital account is one of the accounts in
shareholders' equity. Sole proprietorships have a single capital
account in the owner's equity. Partnerships maintain a capital account
for each of the partners.

From Wikipedia Do not know what is the reference to virtual here. What has been mentioned is NOT correct. Capital account is a very important account and concept in financial account. What exactly is the question? I feel given the quality of this board, the question should be more serious and proper.
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