Which Delaware LLC package should I purchase?


If I am planning on starting an internet based LLC, which package should I purchase? Economy, Basic, or the Complete Package?

http://www.incorporate.com/incorporate_delaware.html?utm_medium=ppc&iq_id=7683716&utm_term=7683716&cid=7683716&utm_source=google Also do I need a EIN?

Hope this helps other internet start-ups as well.

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asked Apr 30 '11 at 02:12
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Yes, you need an EIN

You do not need any of those packages- just go to the Secretary of State website for your state, get a certificate of formation for an LLC, fill it out and mail it in. That's the cheapest way. If you use Delaware, then you double the costs (or more) since you'll also need to qualify to do business in your home state + get a registered agent in Delaware.

answered May 1 '11 at 06:09
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That website actually lets you create all kinds of corporate entities -- LLC, C corp, S corp, etc. Make sure you're picking the right form of entity. An LLC might not be the right choice for, e.g., a company that plans to take on outside investment at some point.

answered Mar 12 '12 at 09:07
Robert Blasi
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