Domain names price trends?


What should I expect to pay for a domain name that is held by an owner (in Panama, for what it's worth), but is not used or well monetized? It's a single dictionary word that was used as a movie title (US-produced I think) a few years ago (very well received but not blockbuster).



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asked May 20 '10 at 22:15
J Delage
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Let me start with this. You have wrong perception of the domain business. Calling someone "shark" is the first thing to change. Look at domaining as any other business (real estate for example).

You do not give the name of the domain, so you answer can't be answered.
"single dictionary word" - each word in dictionary have different relative importance (you can look at my blog about the importance of words in dictionary). Some words are frequently used and others rarely. For example: do you consider "money" and "Theravada" equally important words?

You can try for some rough estimate or ask the domain owner. Second one is more important because whatever you think the price is, only the owner can decide to sell.

answered May 21 '10 at 17:33
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  • Ross - thanks. You're right that "shark" is loaded, and I'll change my post. I emailed the owner and they say "we'll consider any reasonable offer"... – J Delage 14 years ago


At some point this domain business should be reconsidered.

Makes it so hard for new online companies to come up with business\brand names many of which right now choose a name based on its domain availability.

I've spend hours in whois trying to find a good name for my company and product.
Most of the domains I liked were taken and inactive.

Well, is a free market after all...

answered Jun 4 '10 at 23:49
Stefanos Tses
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  • This doesn't even address the question. – Javid Jamae 14 years ago

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