Facebook and Twitter updates in same stream?


I have an idea about an app and one of the many things it would do is allow the user to view twitter and facebook updates in the same stream. This really isn't key to the app, but I'm wondering if this is something I should include or not? Maybe you could choose whose updates you see on facebook or twitter.

Any thoughts on if people would want this or not?


asked Nov 14 '09 at 08:22
Joey Green
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That's already there in TweetDeck

answered Nov 14 '09 at 08:23
Arpit Tambi
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  • actually no its not....I don't really think you read the question correctly... – Joey Green 14 years ago
  • tweetdeck is just a starting point, At any point tweetdeck could do the same thing. Anyway there is one twitter app on facebook which lets you publish updates on facebook. Think of something that could be atleast 100 times beneficial than something that already exists. – Arpit Tambi 14 years ago
  • This app is not about letting you update both......It's about letting you see the people you follow updates in the same view from twitter and facebook.. – Joey Green 14 years ago
  • Sorry if it wasn't clear enough – Joey Green 14 years ago


It's difficult to answer the question on the value of adding that to your app, without knowing more about the app you are creating. If you were creating a IM client, than I think you have to provide Twitter/Facebook integration to stay competitive. On the other hand if you are creating a Notepad replacement, it's not as relevant.

answered Nov 14 '09 at 08:31
Brian Swanson
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