How to promote a desktop Facebook app about music to get alpha testers?

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I built a prototype for a desktop music app that will keep you updated with music. It has real-time music aggregation, and a local database that holds the data, so you can keep your music links.

How can I promote it to get alpha testers to help me improve it?

Marketing Ideas Music Prototype

asked Feb 24 '12 at 08:48
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  • Is it free? Why make it desktop facebook app? Wouldn't it benefit you more via ads if you are online? You should provide us with these things for a proper answer. – Bhargav Patel 12 years ago

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If you're at Alpha testing stage, you really need people who are close to you, that can spend time and effort testing and most importantly - providing feedback.

Complete strangers don't generally make good Alpha testers in my experience. Ask friends, colleagues, family etc.

answered Feb 28 '12 at 23:14
Nick Stevens
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I would recommend you to buy some small amount of Facebook Ads. You can also send the link to your application to all your Facebook friends and ask them to test it. People who know you personally would be glad to help :)

answered Feb 28 '12 at 22:10
Aleksey Dmitriev
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  • For Alpha testing? I disagree. There should be no ads for Alpha or even beta. Its not 2002. – Bhargav Patel 12 years ago

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