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I need to manage going door-to-door to 700 properties. I need to be able to account for each property whether they require my service. Then I will need to provide that service every 2 weeks. I've looked at:

I don't really need to invoice the property owners, but I will be required to report findings back to them. These findings require back office work.

What is a good way to determine which of these services would best meet my needs?

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asked Aug 19 '10 at 22:26
Jeffrey Hicks
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Here is a process to determine if something best meets your needs:

  1. Define your needs (including what you do not need).
    If your question above is complete, that would be:

    a) manage going door-to-door to 700 properties
    What does this mean? Mapping capabilities? Scheduling? Assigning staff? b) account for each property whether they require my service Is this simple whether or not they need your service? Do you need to track what services are required or some kind of level of service? c) a way to report findings to property owners Does something need to be printed? Emailed? Sent by SMS? d) invoicing to property owners is not required

  2. Make a spreadsheet
  3. Examine each of your possible solutions against the spreadsheet
  4. Finally, for those that serve your needs, can you afford them? Are there any "nice to have" features that make one more desirable than another?

If none of the choices perfectly meet all your needs, can you still work with one or more of them? If the choices that meet all your needs are too expensive, can you alter your needs to make other options acceptable? If you can't, can you find a way to afford it?

answered May 10 '11 at 06:57
Kenneth Vogt
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