How can I figure out why 'Refuse' Google Statistics is so high?


I have an educational application, and it gains some little traffic from Chrome Web Store and Facebook App listing.

But Google Analytic says, that 'refuse' is extremely high - 70%-90%.

Refuse - is when User closes page without browsing anything else. Spends nearly 1-2 seconds on site.

And how can I figure out, why they are leaving?

1) They don't need product?
2) They don't like design?
3) They were expecting native language interface (there are visitors from Japan, India, etc)

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asked Jul 27 '13 at 23:47
Joe Half Face
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  • It isn't always possible due to Google using https (usually we lose about 50% of our keyword visibility due to this) but have a look at the keywords which are being used to arrive on the page and see if your site is reflective of what people are searching for – Bhttoan 9 years ago
  • Just reread your first paragraph - if the traffic is coming from listings which you have presumably made then you need to look carefully as what your listing is saying as the problem could be there rather than on the page. Lot of sites used to target "free" as it got traffic but then as soon as people realised the site was not free they clicked away - could be something along those lines – Bhttoan 9 years ago
  • @Jason, there is just no traffic from google itself, because site was launched week ago, all traffic goes from Chrome Web Store and Facebook Apps. But how I can figure out why are they leaving? Throw alert like 'email us why are you leaving or click feedback buttom'? Obviosly, no one will do it. – Joe Half Face 9 years ago

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I have the same problem with my lab tests interpreter, but in my situation is explicable considering that people are interested in just one medical test. However, your site might have this problem because either is not free or just because people can't find the item that interest them.

answered Aug 13 '13 at 08:19
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I guess what you need might be sampling?

If it is possible just invite some of your friends to visit your site and hopefully, they will give you insights you're looking for. Regarding question 1 and 2, this might be the only approach you have.

For question 3, you can dig into your Google Analytics data, check out the region analysis and you should be able to decide if this is the case.

answered Sep 13 '13 at 06:47
Lin Ti Wen
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If they leave so quickly it is probably one of these reasons :

a) as you suggest, they don't like the design of the webpage (too amateuristic, too cheap-looking, too-empty,...)

b) they realize quickly that the website doesn't contain the information they came for Put yourself at their place (or as you are not objective, ask someone else to do it) and try to find the reason why they leave immediately. And think also (in the other way) about the reasons that make YOU leave other websites already after the first page seen. Some other remarks:

  • concerning language : if they come from the google store - is that store in their language (and what about the app description?) If the app description is in English and they "click" anyway, then lhe language is probably not the reason to leave
  • in Google Analytics, check the "entrance page" - it's mostly the frontpage? If not, what page? You should concentrate on that page as it causes the leaves
  • check the adequacy between the place the visitors come from (google store, other websites, search engines) and the entrance page. If you want to "keep" them on the website, they must see the info they expect to see when coming! This is a must. For that reason, you should also avoid the "black SEO" techniques. It can bring you traffic, but it is an useless traffic.
answered Oct 18 '13 at 18:14
Data Smarter
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