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We are an early stage company with a working product. We would love to gain some seed funding to help us market the product. However, we seem to hear about pitch events either in the paper or past the application dates.

The question is how to find about these events BEFORE they happen. Is there a pitch event calendar? Not looking for paid events which are illogical for us at this point. Any guidance would be great.

Pitch Angel Investors

asked May 21 '13 at 08:20
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To answer your question: That depends on where you're located. That said, there are probably a number of sites on which you can find such information, such as VentureFizz, EventBrite, and even Do some Googling and you'll find the info.

THAT SAID... Forget about it. If you have a working product, and your team is truly devoted to it (full-time ++), then go build a revenue stream first. You can spend months begging angels for money, and in the end you'd have been better off investing that time into sales/guerrilla marketing. Once you have enough traction in the form of revenue, your path to raising capital will be a lot easier.

answered May 21 '13 at 20:44
Josh Sam Bob
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  • we are doing both -- building and begging! Point taken though! – User25771 7 years ago


Look for entrepreneur clubs/associations in your area. Sign up for startup weekends ( ) and hackathons in your area. If you get enrolled in one, it is a matter of time before you hear about other investors and events in your area.

answered May 21 '13 at 22:57
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