Are there any genuine online job/work that can earn you some money?


This may be a vague question but i was always wondering this, of course i am not talking about spamming nor things like that but about genuine and reliable online job/work that can be done from your home.

I am not looking for an specific field of work but instead i would like to know widely what options are there (and average earning if possible) and things like that and of course i would like to hear more about International options and not the ones that tied you down to loations for example "this city only" or "this town only"...

I am aware of some option i will be formating it and posting later today but i would like to hear more about everyone's point of view about this.

Aswell what should be your main concerns when accepting this sort of job/work ?

I hoping this to have a great contribution of everyone so i will mark it as community wiki.

Jobs International Internet

asked Aug 27 '10 at 00:52
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  • Damn i was thinking there wasnt something like this around but after checking Jay's response those lists and sites are very complete with a large set of sites, scam verifications and more ... should i request the clousure of this wiki question ? – Prix 13 years ago

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There's an AskReddit thread that has quite a list: My go-to recommendations are and Additionally, this Answers.OnStartups questions lists some sites similar to Mechanical Turk:

answered Aug 27 '10 at 03:14
Jay Neely
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  • thanks i will check that out i just got home will aswell post some of the sites i got. – Prix 13 years ago

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