How do I get the word out about my SMS Reminder Service startup?

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I launched an online SMS appointment reminder service about 6 months ago. So far the users have been quite happy with the service and the product, but it's just been a trickle of new users signing up since I launched back in December 2010.

I guess the problem is that many businesses who would benefit from SMS appointment reminders don't know that such services exist, or havn't ever thought about it.

I've tried direct mail, email marketing, advertising online. Does anyone have any other tips on how I can get the word out to businesses who would not normally "google" SMS appointment reminders?

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asked Aug 30 '11 at 16:03
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Check out my answer to a similar question: Best Way to Market Online Company I'm not sure why you would list your Facebook fan page on the front page of your website when it is completely unused. Frankly, it's probably hurting you much more than helping because it makes your business look abandoned. Likewise, your Twitter account is a series of "look at me" posts that nobody is going to take seriously. I would make an active, serious effort to get engaged in social media or get rid of it altogether.

I would strongly suggest starting a blog on the subject of time management tips. Create and share content with your audience and you will begin to attract more fans (and customers). Create an email newsletter on the same subject and begin creating an email database.

From a messaging standpoint, I would suggest that you focus a little more on the problem(s) you're solving and a little less on the features. For example, the headline on your front page is "The Easy and Affordable SMS Reminder Service." I think it would be more effective to replace that with the last sentence in that first section; "Save time and money. Reduce no-shows."

One other observation that seems pedantic, but really makes a difference to your conversions: Fix all of the grammar and punctuation mistakes. You're repeatedly using possessive cases instead of plural (e.g. "Credit's never expire"). This severely reduces your credibility.

answered Aug 30 '11 at 22:46
Jon Di Pietro
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  • Hi Jon, Thanks for your excellent answer, and for taking the time to share your knowledge. I will definitely implement the changes you suggest, cheers mate – Michael 13 years ago


How about sending email to the customers next to the SMS as well ? Like "Sent from my iPhone" at the bottom with a description of the service. As you mentioned, most people does not realize your service exist or forget it existed.

Did you do any promotions so far ?

  • Invite your friends in other companies win 5 SMSs free.
  • Easily Share functionality on Facebook, Twitter.
  • Which horizontal market need the appointment confirmation most ? Target them most when spending marketing and advertisement money. Do you have data on that ? E.g Lawyers, hospitals..

Btw your website looks old. It does need a facelift. Are you running any A/B tests ?

answered Aug 30 '11 at 17:29
Bahadir Cambel
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  • Hi Bahadir, thanks for your answer. I'm not running A/B tests yet, but I guess i should. I'm interested to know why you think the website looks old, as usually the feedback i have been given is that it looks pretty clean/good - do you have any suggestions on how it can be improved? Cheers,Michael – Michael 13 years ago
  • I used your contact form to submit my answer. The limit here wasn't enough for it. – Bahadir Cambel 13 years ago

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