What are some good ways to promote a paid mobile app?


I have an Android app that costs $4.95. It is a business app that is worth the money.

What I am looking for is insight into some paid-marketing approaches where I can advertise this app.

I understand AdWords is an option, but at this point it is too expensive to advertise a $5 business product there because a click on the keywords is $2 :)

Has anyone found a good way to successfully promote inexpensive paid apps?

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asked Nov 22 '12 at 02:08
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  • Who is your target user? Is this a game, business app, personal productivity, etc.? – Jeff O 11 years ago
  • @Jeff KO starting users are entrepreneurs starting a business. It is a business planning and coaching app. – Genadinik 11 years ago

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I've got 10 advice which will help you in app promotion:

1)The app must be ready for submittal.

2)Leave space for feedback - encourage users to write reviews and rate the app.

3) In case of a paid application, it should have a free lite-version.

4) Apart from rating, include social network sharing into the application.

5) Social network pages are also good at promoting the app. Find relevant groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, use hashtags on Twitter.

6) Create an app trailer. Create a demo video. Place them on YouTube.

7) What also matters is maintaining the interest - that makes the app go on. You should regularly offer something new to users.

8) Build a supporting website for the application.

9) Advertising and promotion. There are a thousand and one good websites that can help you make the app known. Ad networks/PR websites, social bookmarking websites, app review websites, related forums, social media, thematic blogs, and more, and more.

10) At mutual will, you may have your application included in the developer's portfolio. That's a win-win - you both are additionally promoted.

answered Aug 20 '13 at 20:39
Oleg Lola
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I mostly think the ideas Oleg Lola posted are good, and I would also add to make sure you have a good press kit for your app including a good writeup of your app's key features and screenshots, screenshots, screenshots.

That being said, $4.95 is not an inexpensive app on Google Play and you will have a really hard time getting conversions from that. Some ad networks won't even accept it. I firmly believe freemium is the way to make money.

Sources more reliable than I agree:

Freemium app revenue growth leaves premium in the dust Freemium beats Premium, says App Annie Since I imagine you're skeptical, I would suggest making a free version of your app ("lite" is fine) and seeing how it can do with some non-intrusive ads integrated. You might find it is an easier way to make money than convincing people to pay $5.

answered Oct 28 '13 at 18:20
Kaitlin M
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As a developer who has contracted, freelanced and been employed by many FTSE 100 companies, I know it is difficult to put a value on a software application. A software project that seemed to me to be very simple generated a multi-million pound turnover while a project I sweated blood over, nobody was interested in.

Here is the rub: the value of the app is going to be defined by the mob. However hard you've worked, it could unfortunately be unappreciated and downloaded by very few people.

If you think your app is really worth shouting about then offer a cut down version for free with a paid upgrade if users like it.

answered Nov 22 '12 at 11:29
Robbie Dee
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  • Not sure how this answers the question. Are you saying that the way to promote his app is to offer a free version? – Zuly Gonzalez 11 years ago
  • Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying. It would either be feature or content limited obviously. If it had a support contact page, this could be used to drive further development. There is often a vast chasm between what the developer thinks customers want and what they actually want. – Robbie Dee 11 years ago
  • I would suggest adding the additional comments you just made to your answer to beef it up a bit. I think if you can expand on how using a trimmed down free version of an app can be used to promote it, it could make for a good answer. – Zuly Gonzalez 11 years ago
  • It is difficult to offer anything other than general advice on how to do the free/premium split without knowing what the app does... – Robbie Dee 11 years ago

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