How to promote a mobile-only app?


What are the best ways to promote apps that are mobile only? Most apps only have a 1 or 2 pager site that just links to their listing on the App Store. That isn't really a good way to bring in new users unless you're already famous like Jelly or Clash of Clans.

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Alexandra Leong
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Good app promotion strategy should include:

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  1. Social media marketing is one of the most effective promotional techniques:

Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn - ensure the presence in each of these largest networks. Create a fan page, send posts to the relevant groups. Make good advertising materials which going to catch your target audience attention.

Youtube: make video clips to show your app’s functionality, do this in funny and creative way. Your goal is to create the viral content that will spread on its own. It would be the best of all possible scenarios: cool video that wins hearts of users and gets millions of views and shares. Also you can order paid advertising on this site. There is a free application for creating a promo clip by yourself.

Blogs: search for review bloggers, pitch them your application or send an article about it. Be courteous and friendly, make a few compliments and you’ll have all chances to get into the new post.

2. Use your own resources (website, social networks groups and accounts):

  • Place a special page for the application on your website.
  • Advertise it in your FB group.
  • Send newsletters to subscribers.
  • Press release.

3. Optimize your app for appstore

  • Title, good description, include the keywords.
  • Take care about app rating and positive reviews
  • Price
  • App cross-promotion
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Valeriia Timokhina
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