Incubator for pay?


Say, I have:

  1. An idea for a tech company / product, that I want to get realized.
  2. Sufficient time, right now.
  3. Seed capital, which I am willing also to spend on guidance.
  4. Citizenship in a country in the EU.
  5. The willingness to relocate anywhere.

What I need:

  1. A team: developers / engineers, finance experts, marketers, possibly executives, etc.

    The core team should be available full time and on location. If the company takes off,
    the team should stay. In other words: I am not just looking for someone to build a
    prototype. I am looking for people with full commitment to my business, or - better -
    our business. It should be just like a team set up as part of an incubator program.

    Team members get equity in addition to pay.

  2. Guidance.
  3. Contact to investors, for later.
  4. Physical space.

What I don't have:

  1. Time to apply for a traditional incubation program.
  2. Experience with setting up a business.
  3. Skills to evaluate the quality of the team, or only to some extent.

In other words: Is there something like an incubator, but for pay? Perhaps such a thing is not called incubator after all?

Although I wrote EU above, examples in the US are also OK.

Getting Started Technology Development Incubators

asked May 18 '13 at 02:13
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  • I could help you with developers / engineers only. – Mojsilo 7 years ago
  • @mojsilo Note: I'm not talking about outsourcing development / engineering. As the guy with the startup idea, I want a team that becomes *part of my company*. We would work together day by day on location. (Note: It's actually a hypothetical question, based on experience with people I consulted.) – Feklee 7 years ago
  • I don't understand your question. What exactly are you asking? – Zuly Gonzalez 7 years ago
  • @ZulyGonzalez Say, I am convinced by my business idea and execution skills, is there something like an incubator where I can just pay for the services / guidance mentioned above? I.e. I don't want to go through an application process, and I don't need seed money. – Feklee 7 years ago
  • So you're either asking a yes or no question, or a "give me a list of services" poll question. Neither of which are allowed on this site, so I'm closing the question. And yes, incubators that provide business resources in exchange for a fee do exist, but I highly doubt you'll find any good ones that don't require some sort of application process, even if it's just minimal. They don't want a bunch of people that are never going to go anywhere in their incubator, because it'll make them look bad, and it's a waste of their time. – Zuly Gonzalez 7 years ago
  • @ZulyGonzalez Exactly I am *not* asking for a *list of services*. Also, please note that the user of such an incubator could very well be accepted by traditional incubation programs. Only, he doesn't want to participate in such a program, because he 1. wants to start ASAP, and 2. he doesn't need seed money. Some examples for "incubators for pay" would be interesting, plus explanation how they work. – Feklee 7 years ago

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