Instapaper for videos?


I love instapaper (read later or any similar tool ), My question is who's going to do it for videos?

Imagine that you see a video but want to watch it later, you click your bookmarklet (browser extension etc. ), it'll get saved and later on you can watch it from you mobile phone, in your PC or PS3 etc. Maybe it'll be delivered to your iTunes.

So who's going to make it? Has anyone already done it? and why not? Or what do you think? Would you use it?

P.S. if you do it and sell it for $XM please don't forget to send my 5%, I accept cheques :)

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asked Feb 6 '11 at 08:41
The Dictator
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I would use it if I had it as a part of Read It Later. There is though nothing, which hinders me from using the existing Read It Later to "bookmark" a video. There is just not any specific support for it and the downloading of the webpage for offline reading on a smart phone does not work. I do not believe there is enough competitive advantage in your idea to launch a completely new service, but it would be nice if the existing services added it.

answered Feb 6 '11 at 08:59
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  • It's a good point. Also I assume if read later add that feature after launching this idea, it would this competitor (my idea) so easily – The Dictator 13 years ago


Boxee has a Watch Later boomarketlet you can use that will add videos from many popular sites to your queue so the next time you use your Boxee they'll show up. I haven't actually used it much but it works.

I think any service that is built as an "Instapaper for video" must work with devices like the Boxee, iPad, Roku, or PS3 to be a huge success.

answered Feb 8 '11 at 05:39
Brian B
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  • Yeah I found this one as well, it does the job for queuing videos, definitely better than nothing. Already started to use actually, I just don't like the interface. – The Dictator 13 years ago

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