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I just started working in India and the firm,I am working for, faces some small legal issues frequently. Small things like boundary dispute, customers check bounce etc. Since we have offices at multiple locations we hire a local lawyer. But due to lack of ratings and proper records, lawyers in India don't care about winning the case. They want to earn more from a case. The real problem is that the layers just don't prolong the case to charge more but instead they negotiate a deal with other party and tries to get some percentage from final compensation without the clients knowledge. We don't have enough legal issues to hire a in home lawyer and we don't have resources to do a proper background check at every location in India. Is there a solution for our problem?

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asked May 1 '13 at 05:05
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There is nothing more expensive than a cheap dishonest lawyer.

This is not a systemic issue in India, there are cheap dishonest lawyers in the U.S. too and any other country for that matter.

Your challenge is that you need to find a lawyer who wants to build a long term relationship with you and the person might not agree to the current retainer fee you are willing to provide: hence you need to re-evaluate your budget.

Building a long term relationship takes time and money. There are no shortcuts.

answered Jul 31 '13 at 05:08
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You really can't battle widespread, systemic ethical issues. I suggest you visit a good law college close to the city you work in and seek advice from the professors there. You may get referrals to better legal services. Who knows one of them may even be willing to consult for you once in a while.

answered May 2 '13 at 01:49
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