Linked In: Hide Contacts from Friendly Competitors?


Is it possible to hide your contacts from only certain people? Such as direct competitors that you are linked to? For instance, maybe you have you are friendly competitors but you don't want to subject your competitors to temptation....

I read the comments. It would seem that you have to choose a one size fits all for everything?

It seems that there is only one choice, and this seems prohibitive.

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asked Mar 29 '11 at 01:09
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I don't think so.

When you login to LinkedIn, hover the mouse over your name in the upper right. Click on Settings, then click on "Select who can see your connections." Only two possibilities are presented: visible to "Your connections" (i.e., all of them) or "Only you."

answered Mar 29 '11 at 03:46
Brandon King
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This is a great subject. LinkedIn needs to have a bit more control. Especially these days when, after having a first meeting with people you've already decided that you'll contact them if and only if you need to, you get LinkedIn connect requests. Most of my LinkedIn contacts have never done anything untoward, but recently I've gotten connect requests from people I've never met who are just prospecting for new contacts. If you connect with them, they're only going to prospect through your connections....

answered Mar 29 '11 at 04:00
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  • Agreed. I've often wished there was a way to categorize my LinkedIn contacts, to differentiate between "real" contacts and people with whom I've merely exchanged business cards. – Brandon King 13 years ago

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