There are so many things to measure -- what's the best way to keep track of it all?


As a startup, we have to measure web analytics, funnel metrics, conversions, competition trackers, ROI on campaigns, etc. There's lots to keep track of and a lot of different software (google analytics, CRMs, excel) that you can use to keep track of it, but I would love any recommendations for an easy, efficient, clean way to keep track of all of the important data related to our startup.

Marketing Analytics Metrics Data

asked Dec 28 '11 at 05:30
Kate G
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  1. "Google Analytic" is one of the most comprehensive. Its open source based so you can be sure that it will grow and become mature soon.
  2. Other tools are Hootsuite Analytics, Socialmention and TwitterCounter
  3. Additional info: Please visit and look for section "Tools for Measuring Social Media Metrics". This section has a long list of tools. I have tried "" and found it simple and very useful.
answered Jan 23 '12 at 10:26
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There's an alternative perspective, one that I subscribe to, that says Startups should and indeed can, only focus on one, single metric.

You can read a little more here:

answered Jan 24 '12 at 08:20
Nick Stevens
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For a startup, using a free tool like Google Analytics should provide you with enough information to keep you on track without eating away any of your cash. You can easily use it to track the effectiveness for your marketing campaigns too.

Once you start increasing downloads, it is also useful to measure the effectiveness of those downloads by using a Software Analytics service to get insight into why you got 1000 downloads but only sold 10 licenses. Knowing what happened to the rest, which user groups are converting and which are dropping out can help you adapt your software or marketing campaigns to improve ROI and conversion rates.

answered Feb 2 '12 at 09:42
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Marketing Analytics Metrics Data